Alhia Holding SA ... to give one to hold, to entrust with. /Ai-b(5r, v. to authorise, to strengthen, to empower.

Dutler Anita
Richtzeitplan SM 5R - Richtzeitplan SM 5R Richter: Anita Marty Fährte BH3 / VPG3 / IPO3 Karin Dutler UO BH3, Revier BH3 / VPG3 Roland Mägerli UO VPG3, UO IPO3, Abteilung C IPO3 / VPG3

TE BO Prior Andy
shut down prior to the ... B XGK:2W?K !K)?0(NC 1T .JM* 5R&0K *BO(#@ *DS8:RXZ*7 ...

Baerel André
Innovators of high performance AR15 parts for Government agencies, dealers and civilians. Super accurate 5R barrels in 5.56, 6.8 SPC, 308, SIX5.

Bobbià Alfonso
5R Schweizer Meisterschaft 12.10. in CH-Leibstadt - Bobbià Alfons Blacky v. Densbühren 23.11.2002 V: Jéromev Elberfeld M: Bassy v. Honigberg RS Cabrini Mario Edwina v. Breisgau

Hediger (-Schaffner) Kurt und Alessandra
Schaffhausen 5R-Schweizer-Meisterschaft - 4. 201 M nein Hediger Erika Ayk of Devils Rock ... 4. 259 G ja Graf Alessandra Vitos von Melina ... 12. 237 B nein Müller Kurt Arkas

Bordon Albin
Borden ******SPF******* - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine - Borden Alpine Repeater action, Bartlein 5R Cut Rifled Barrel - 1 in 8 Twist, 22.5 (700 Varmint Contour - Fluted by Bartlein) Jewell Trigger, Bell

Büchi Amélie, Thierry, Chine e Zeno
Collection - ... Mirrorless Camera Sony Alpha NEX-3N Sony Alpha NEX-5R Fujifilm X-E1 Fujifilm X-E2 Fujifilm X-M1 Olympus OM-D E-M5 Olympus

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