Maya Code
Breaking the Maya Code. Thames and Hudson, 1992 Although this is a book on archeology and decipherment rather than merely on travelling

Klaus Randsborg
Klaus Randsborg, professor of archeology at the University of Copenhagen , has pointed out that the sum of an addition of the number of spirals in each circle of the disk

Art Performance
Aesculapius - philosophical healing - archives mp3 Doc Wolfy s Web Art and 1987 COMPUTER ARCHEOLOGY : • language: english - langue: français - sprache: deutsch • Archives Film Spection • Video Art Performance

Jules Verne
présente des créations innovantes mêlant réel et virtuel ; et une section historique – Archeology of Fun – localisée dans l’Espace Jules Verne. L’exposition Playtime – Videogame mythologies s’inscrit

Penny Widmore
inaugura l’Ashmolean Museum. L Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology

Fred Dibnah
where I was brought up in Lancashire. Steeplejack Fred Dibnah . His interests include industrial archeology, traction engines and wearing flat caps. Recently

Jim Boulton
Digital-Archeology section of the Barbican Digital Revolutions show. Curated by Jim Boulton and Sunny Cheung, the exhibition includes 100 iconic items selected from 50 years of digital art, design

Marilyn Mulford
Marilyn Mulford Archeology of Memory: Villa Grimaldi follows exiled Chilean musician, Quique Cruz, from the Bay Area to Chile and back as he creates his masterwork. Global Perspectives Collection, Global

UAD Underwater Archeology and Discovery Ltd. | Marine Archeology |

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