Thierry Stern
Thierry Stern. Photographed in Geneva. Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Ref. 5016R Bringing a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater to life Acoustic Perfection Q&A with Thierry Stern, President, Patek Philippe

Zoe Maria
women of Geneva (texte bilingue anglais/français), Genève 1993. Isenring, Zoe Maria: Die Frau in den apostolisch tätigen Ordensgemeinschaften. Eine Lebensform am Ende oder an der Wende? (Praktische Theologie

Ilona Kickbusch
Geneva, co-president of EAGHA Prof. Leonel Valdivia, University of Santiago, Chile, World Federation of Academic Institutions for Global Health, co-president of WFAIGH Prof. Ilona Kickbusch, Graduate Institute Geneva ... Michaela Told, Graduate Institute Geneva Course moderator Catherine Mary

Robin Offord
EPFL). He obtained his Ph D under Professor Robin Offord at the University of Geneva and pursued his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory

Pamela Hamamoto
Director-General Biography "Everything that is done here, in Geneva, has a direct impact on every person on this planet, in any 24 hour period" - Michael Møller Michael Møller

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design of a new headquarters building to be constructed at its current location in Geneva, Switzerland. Construction

Oliver Spalt
Insurability of Cyber Risk: An Empirical Analysis Christian Biener, Martin Eling und Jan Wirfs Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, Vol. 40 (2015), No. 1, S. 131-158 Recent Research

Victoria Hall
photos parlent d elles-mêmes! Merci à tous les bénévoles d ICC, Hope Geneva, et ICF d avoir rendu cette soirée possible ! ... Nous sommes repartis émerveillés et remplis d espoir

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