Lana Aranga
could ease both physical and emotional discomfort. I learned some breathing techniques and art of balancing life. My body and mind are at peace! Heal yourself! Lana Aranga 1 year

Carl Olsson
Woodworking – Creating a bench and wall art. Working full-time and living in a house means my life today is considerably different than

Stephanie Hauger
Story | Stefanie Hauger Stefanie Hauger has spent her entire life immersed in the world of art and design, having worked in numerous related fields, and this is supported

Richard Whitehouse
musique concrete was to collapse the walls between art and life

Art London
School of Art London during 1934 (under Randolph Schwabe), he taught life-drawing at Hornsey School of Art and travelled

Sven Spieker
their work, comment on all aspects of life, and they have not ignored archives. Sven Spieker, The Big Archive: Art from Bureaucracy (Cambridge

Claude Howell
close. She exhibited her work around the country and possessed a passion for art throughout her life. Claude Howell would

Paddy Johnson
Second Life residents, and invites folks to sign up. I first got wind of this video when Paddy Johnson of the art blog Art Fag City twittered “Best Link Ever

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