Max Planck
Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Golm - where he was principally involved in metabolomic research with the help of GC-TOF-MS . Now he embraces the quest

James Levine
Kein Heiliger: James Levine (c) Michele Mc Donald/Metropolitan Opera Pasticcio He too? Es war Mitte 2016, als mal wieder ein besonderes Schauspiel in Sachen Solidarität geboten wurde

William Butcher
same. William Butcher is twenty year younger than me. He knows a hundred year more. If William Butcher

Kenan Sofuoglu
He qualified fifth at Donington, two rounds ago. Riding as a replacement for the recently retired Kenan Sofuoglu, Morais has shown flashes of the form that gave him a race

German Patent
Sciences. His post doctorate research topic was in the field of geo/paleomagnetism. He joined Manitz Finsterwald Patentanwälte Partmb B in 2005 and qualified as a German Patent Attorney

Martin Luther
Martin Luther King, who is standing on the balcony of the motel Lorraine. He dies in hospital an hour after the attack. April 5th. France. In the Nouvel Observateur

Art Fahrroboter
He’s called The Stig!“ (dt. „Alles, was wir wissen, ist, er heißt: The Stig“). Die Rolle wird als eine Art Fahrroboter charakterisiert, der keine Gefühle, kein Privatleben

Michael Lovatos
tube, and I’ll never forget the look on Michael Lovato’s face when he

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